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Predominately characterized by its history and proximity to DC, what really sets Arlington apart are its active, involved, citizens. Residents have an incredible array of activities and opportunities before them, and more importantly, a lot of ways to make a difference!

Whether your focus is on volunteering, education, sports, politics, or the environment, there’s always something to see or do in Arlington!



  • Visit the main Arlington County site where you can learn more about ways to help, research specific opportunities for teens or 50+, and use online search tool  to find the right fit for you
  • Volunteer Emergency Support Team
  • Join CVN (Community Volunteer Network) – A Social and Philanthropic Network of Adults in 20s and 30s in Arlington
  • Volunteer Opportunities with A-SPAN, Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network
  • Get Involved With DOORWAYS – which assists women and families affected by domestic violence or family homelessness
  • Donate to or Volunteer for the Arlington Food Assistance Center 
  • The Arlington County Fire & Rescue Association (ACFRA) consists of the membership of the seven volunteer fire companies in Arlington County, serving the people of Northern Virginia for nearly a century.
  • Library Volunteers
  • Volunteer at for summer camps, 4-H clubs, special events, etc… for the Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services












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